Wednesday, April 14

RM Joins Fight Against Clubroot

At the September 15, 2017 Regular Meeting of Council, Council passed the following bylaw and policy in their effort to prevent the spread and infection of Clubroot within the RM of Calder No. 241.

Clubroot is a serious disease of cruciferous plants such as canola that can cause devastating yield losses.  It is a soil borne disease that is easily transferred via contaminated soil residing on equipment, seed, etc. and there are limited options for controlling this disease.   Clubroot was confirmed in Saskatchewan in October 2011 to be present in two different locations in north central Saskatchewan. 

In 2009, a resolution regarding clubroot was passed at the SARM Midterm Convention asking that SARM lobby the province to have clubroot named a pest under The Pest Control Act in Saskatchewan and to have government develop a provincial clubroot management plan with best practices for the prevention and management of clubroot.

Since that resolution SARM is now a member of the Saskatchewan Clubroot Initiative (SCI) and as such is working with Saskatchewan Agriculture, SaskCanola, and other concerned stakeholders to try and provide helpful resources to municipalities and the general public about the disease, its implications and management.    Because of the long lasting economic implications and limited control options for clubroot, it was declared a pest under The Pest Control Act in Saskatchewan in 2009 and the SCI developed a best management practices document called the Saskatchewan Clubroot Management Plan. 

For more information on Clubroot:

The RM of Calder No. 241 adopted the following bylaw and policy in doing their part in the control and prevention of clubroot in its RM:

If you discover Clubroot in your field, you are required to report it to the Municipality within 30 days of its discovery.  The following form will assist you in your description & report of its presence.