Wednesday, April 14

C&D Project Receives Good Supports

The RM of Calder No. 241 facilitated an informal meeting on Thursday, January 25, 2019 for the purposes of educating landowners about Conservation & Development Area Authorities and to provide the landowners the opportunity to show interest in moving forward on establishing such an area.

A group of 80 ratepayers attended the meeting at the Wroxton Hall despite the harsh winter conditions of that day.

At the meeting, these landowners heard presentations from members of Saskatchewan Conservation and Development Association and Water Security Agency.

Using a show of hands, there was an overwhelming vote of support to proceed forward in seeing that the establishment of a Conservation & Development Area authority for all of the watersheds within RM of Calder No. 241 recognizing that part of the watersheds include lands in other RM’s.

In order to move forth, land owners selected members through a show of hands that they wished to serve on interim board to help move the process forward. This interim board is not the establishment of a C&D, rather it designates individuals who will undertake the responsibilities on behalf of the group of landowners. They are designated to work through the process needed to determine if a Conservation & Development Area Authority can be established in our area.

This is a gigantic step forward in the world of good water management.

We commend the landowners that have accepted this undertaking to see the establishment of good water management practices within the RM of Calder No. 241.

Rural Municipality of Calder No. 241